Community Hygiene Faces of Hope Raising children #Madeofcolor
Community Hygiene
ECM staff and Katwe women cleaning the community.
Faces of Hope
Every Child deserves a future! every child has dreams!
Raising children
Valued, Talented and purposeful
Advocating for non-discrimination of people living with albinism.

Welcome to ECM-Uganda...

Welcome to Every Child Ministries Uganda, where love is the norm. Children matter, the vulnerable matter.


Being sponsored can be one of the most important and exciting things in a child’s life, building their hope, happiness and confidence.  A life and future of hope is what we aim towards, for every child.



Bringing Hope for today, tomorrow, and eternity.

  • We bring hope for today by meeting physical needs.
  • We bring hope for tomorrow by providing opportunities for education through child sponsorship.
  • We bring hope for eternity by focusing on Spiritual growth.


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