Kamwokya projects

Kamwokya projects have got many activities such as Child Education, Saturday clubs, Music system, homes visits, school visits.  It also receives specials gifts for both the children and staff.

The project consists of Non-Albino and Albino children who have grown up to youth stage and are not segregative.  The children found to be in various levels of education like in Primary, Secondary, Vocational and some have passed to the University but are not yet able to join the University due to inadequate funding.

Children receiving special gifts is a normal case in the ECM projects.  The sponsors do sends gifts to the their children especially towards the end of year, so that they are able to celebrate together with their children. Thanks to our sponsors, and the donors.

Every Child Ministries Kamwokya Sponsors 38 vulnerable poor and disadvantaged children from Kamwokya slum.

We have different activities which are done in this project.

We have a club on every Saturday and during the club we do the following activities;

  • Bible lessons
  • Counseling and guidance
  • Praise and worship
  • Cleaning of the office
  • Music training

We serve Children drinks, food, fruits during Saturday club.

Also many Children receive Christmas gifts(shoes ,bed sheets, pair of trousers, dresses etc.)

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