Rescued from the jaws of death.

Regina Nassinde:
Regina is about 14 years old, she lives with her grandmother in Kitenga village in Masaka District. It is narrated that when Regina was born, her mother by then a teenager, delivered her in a basin and poured the content in a pit latrine. That fateful morning, someone went to the toilet and heard the baby crying from beneath the toilet. An alarm was made and the people gathered and broke the toilet and rescued the baby who was still alive. She had swallowed the sewera

ge and the maggots had taken hold of her and destroyed her eye pupil.
The courageous old people washed the baby clean and clothed her. They reported the case to the Police and the mother and her grandmother were arrested. But because this was a new born baby, they were told to take the child to the hospital for medication. It was narrated that since the intention of the mother and the grandmother was to terminate the life of this child, they escaped from the hospital and went to an unknown place where they tried tooth and nail to kill their baby, but failed. They refused to feed her well for 12 years and on the 13th year when they realized that their efforts were futile, they decided to abandon the child to the paternal grandmother. The two women abandoned the baby on the verandah of the grandmother at night and the dogs watched over the baby until morning.

When the paternal grandparents woke up in the morning, they found this ‘terrible’ child on their verandah, and raised an alarm that gathered people. It was at that point when they observed the child and reminded each other about the incident of the child who was rescued from the toilet 12years ago, recalling that it was their son who had impregnated the girl in the other family. The grandparents agreed to take the child in the house and wondered how they would manage to raise such a child who had many disabilities. Every Child Ministries was called to intervene and work began, it was a very difficult case but ECM has tried to do the needful for example providing the basic needs, Nutritional rehabilitation, medication and taking the child to the physiotherapy rehabilitation center. Work is still on-going. This whole experience left Regina, dumb, blind, hungry and angry. However Regina is very grateful to God for keeping her alive and thanks ECM for all the support.

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