Rescue and Rehabilitation



A picture of rescue. In white, is the ECM Program Coordinator, Mary.

High levels of poverty and gender-based violence experienced both in rural and urban areas in Uganda often force children out of their homes at a very young age to fend for themselves. Some children have families that are unable to support them, while some are abandoned. On the streets, not only are these children unable to meet their basic needs for food and shelter, but they are exposed to unimaginable circumstances including drug trafficking, degradation, violence and disease.

Over the years, we have rescued children mainly from streets in Kampala, slums and other areas. The rescued children, most of whom are Karamajongs, are provided with food and shelter, as well as medical, psychological and educational support, allowing them to integrate into the school system in a smooth manner.



We offer temporary accommodation, food, catch-up education, medical care, and counselling, emotional and spiritual nourishment for the child;

We conduct outreaches to mothers and women groups in the slum areas of Katwe and Kisenyi where we offer sensitization, capacity building and training in several income generating activities like tailoring.