Counseling and Evangelism


The ECM-Uganda Country Director, Brian Mukalazi attending a Saturday club with the Children of Tegottatoo.

During the counseling and evangelism sessions with children and caregivers, we pray, share Scriptures, and communicate clearly the need for faith in God. We work hard to help hurting persons analyze their problems, discover alternatives and formulate positive changes that would help them find relief from emotional and social distress.

We give hope by providing reassurance to the vulnerable, that despite all the circumstances surrounding their very existence, God loves and cares for them.

Counseling and evangelism are mainly done during our weekly Saturday clubs and family visits where we get to interact with the children and their care givers. During these sessions, we bring Christ-centered perspectives into the issues that the communities are faced with.

As a result of counseling, some children whom due to unbearable circumstances have had to engage in socially condemned practices such as prostitution, drug misuse etc have positively changed their ways.

Our staff have genuine and ongoing walk with God, which relationship creates a confidence that transcends the pressure to rescue someone by simply sharing the plan of salvation before they are ready to receive it.