Our History

Every Child Ministries is a Christian charity and mission agency that specializes in uplifting the vulnerable children in Uganda. The charity is specially known for its advocacy on behalf of neglected, downtrodden, and marginalized groups of African children.

The roots of Every Child Ministries go back to 1981, when John and Lorella Rouster went to Congo (then Zaire) as missionaries with another agency, and quickly realized the desperate and widespread need of the churches for help in learning to teach the children. In 1985, with the help of Christian friends, they helped found Every Child Ministries (ECM) to meet that specific need.

The Organization was first incorporated in the US in the state of Indiana in 1985. In Uganda, Every Child Ministries Uganda (ECM-U) was registered and incorporated in 2008.

Work began in the then war torn city of Gulu, Northern Uganda. Over the year, the work has expanded to include ministry in and outside of Kampala, Masaka, Lwengo, Tororo, and in the Karamajong city of Napak. These child sponsorship projects invest in the lives of children both spiritually and physically. Bible study is emphasized, as is education, both traditional and vocational.

On January 1, 2015, Mark Luckey was named as International Director, succeeding the Rousters, who continue serving in positions as missionary consultants, project advisors, and communications specialists.[59]