Education and Child Sponsorship

The children who have been enrolled in school attending the 10 years’ anniversary celebrations.

Our Mission is to offer Hope, Practical help and Dignity to Ugandan Children and their families in the name of Christ. We strive to achieve this by focusing on;

  • Giving hope for today – through meeting physical needs.

  • Giving Hope for tomorrow – through providing opportunities for education through child sponsorship.

  • Giving hope for eternity – focusing on Spiritual growth.

Child development equips children today with the necessary skills to succeed tomorrow. Holistic child development provides opportunities that encourage the healthy development of all aspects of a child — spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally, and even economically.

We provide our children with access to both formal education and practical skills development. Majority of these children are enrolled in Secondary schools while others are in Primary schools and vocational institutions.

Our Core Child sponsorship programs include;

  1. Early Childhood Care and Development
  2. Youth training and skills Development
  3. Basic Education
  4. School Health and Nutrition

We work with schools, religious institutions, government, sponsors and other partners in order to ensure that we tailor our holistic child development model to the contextualized needs of the children in its community, to best deliver the whole life care the children need.