Kamwokya Hope Centre

Maruda Justice Riipposs, Coordinator Kamwokya Hope Centre

Kamwokya Program was started in 2007, and has 42 children. Located in a ghetto setup, the children in Kamwokya grow up in an environment composed of all sorts of crime. Prostitution, robbery, burglary are some of the famous vices the area is renown for. The high levels of poverty, gender based violence and disintegrated families contribute to this phenomena.

The Program conducts several activities which include Child Sponsorship, rescue and rehabilitation, evangelism, guidance and counseling through; Saturday club programs, home visits and school visits.

We also own a full set of music instruments/system and our children have obtained skills in playing the various instruments. Led by the Coordinator, the group performs at various events.

The Program supports all kinds of children from different backgrounds including those living with albinism and many of them are youth aged between 15 and 20.

Some of the children are in Primary, while others, in Secondary and Vocational institutes. Others however, have University entry requirements, but lack funding to join the University.

Our activities mainly include the following;

  • Child sponsorship
  • Bible lessons and worship
  • Family and school visits
  • Art and craft (including Bead making)
  • Counseling and guidance
  • Music training and performance
  • Rescue and rehabilitation