Karamoja Homeland Hope Centre

Emmanuel Olukor, Coordinator Karamoja-Homeland Program.

The Karamoja Homeland Program was started in 2016, and currently has 12 children on the child sponsorship program. The Hope Centre is located in Napak District, Karamoja sub-region.

In Uganda’s development history, Karamoja region remains the least socially and economically developed, with 61 percent of the total population of 1.2 million living in poverty (UNHS, 2016/17). The region is semi-arid and experiences chronic food insecurity.

Karamoja is comprised of nomadic pastoralists due to its extreme drought conditions. Needless to mention, cattle wrangles are a cause for violence in the area.

Key activities of the Hope Centre include; education support, agricultural support and medical support, among others.

We offer agricultural support mainly through the Farming God’s Way (FGW) project. The FGW Project is premised on 3 core principles of (i) Biblical, (ii) Management and (iii) Technology. The project advocates for farming that focuses on use of natural and climate friendly methods. In FGW, we work with families, especially the women. In Karamoja, men do not farm, but through constant engagements with the families, we are re-writing this norm.

We also do family rebuilding, counseling and evangelism during the Farming God’s way sessions, Saturday clubs, family and school visits.

We also advocate for girl-child education and as such, we endeavor to reduce school dropouts through provision of sanitary pads and other necessities that can keep the girls in school.

We also fight against child trafficking through education support, as well as rescue and rehabilitation.