Tegottatoo Hope Centre

Achieng Mary Agoya, Coordinator Tegottatoo Program.

The Tegottatoo Hope Centre located in Gulu District is one of the pioneer programs in Every Child Ministries Uganda.  Work began in 2008 following the ruins caused by the Lord’s Resistance Army of Joseph Kony. The war that lasted over 20 years left the area torn apart with many children orphans, contracted with HIV/AIDS, food insecure and limited to access to the basic life needs.

ECM Uganda first registered in Gulu District as a CBO in 2006. Most of the children first enrolled on the program were found in Tegottatoo (Tegot) IDP (Internally Displaced People’s) camp.

When ECM Uganda came in, the war had just ended and the area was still fragile and unstable. Our main work first included rebuilding and resettlement of children and their families in the Tegot camp. In addition, we undertook the necessary efforts to provide basic needs to this vulnerable community including provision of food, safe water, health care and education, among others. This was a challenging task considering the big number of beneficiaries and the limited resources.

The Hope Centre is manned by a team of 4 ECM Staff headed by Mrs. Mary Achieng Okwi as the coordinator. In addition, we also engage various social workers and other personnel to support in execution of the program activities.

By end of 2018, we had more than 70 children enrolled on our child sponsorship program. This number has grown from just 16 children in 2006. Under the child sponsorship program, we support these children with provision of education both formal and vocational or practical training.

Our key activities at the Tegottatoo Hope Centre include the following;

  1. Education and child sponsorship
  2. Agriculture support through our chicken project. This is also aimed at increasing our financial sustainability
  3. Provision of shelter through construction of houses especially for the elderly.
  4. Provision of medical care for the children
  5. Provision of safe water and sanitation through construction of protected shallow wells, bore holes and pit latrines in the communities.
  6. Counseling and evangelism through conducting Saturday club sessions, Bible Studies, family visits and school visits

Finalizing construction of a bore hole.