Skilling & Empowerment

                                                        “Learners today Leaders Tomorrow”
Upon identifying the need, Every Child Ministries’ management body found it right to have the children prepared for life after sponsorship, before their sponsorship draws to an end as a way of achieving sustainable exit. A holistic approach/ cross roads curriculum was then designed to guide the coordinators of this program walk a relational but intentional journey with the children through their sponsorship. Beneficiaries are introduced to this curriculum two years prior to the exit.
This program runs /operates in all hope centers in a bid to prepare the beneficiaries for a safe exit. There are a number of activities including but not limited to spiritual guidance, counseling, mentorship, business trainings, vocational skills and professionalism among others that the children undergo as they are being prepared for their next step (Life after sponsorship). It looks at a way of holistically preparing these children for the life outside ECM-U. The next step program targets university students, vocational students, Gap students among others.